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If you feel drained and want some space, an excellent way to recharge yourself is with music. Sometimes the best remedy for stress or sadness can be found in that one song just waiting patiently on the playlist; it’s therapeutic when you listen to what speaks most deeply about how you feel, even if it’s not strictly upbeat. The melodies and lyrics have been known for their mood-enhancing properties to help us feel better about ourselves instantly. With so many songs out there with powerful healing effects, we want some of our favourites on the list because they are guaranteed winners when it comes down to spurring positive thoughts and feelings.

I am DJ K H U S H O L O G Y, and I’m an aspiring DJ who loves to spin Deep House, Lounge, Club House, Melodic and Progressive House, Chillout genres of music, as well as Bollywood. Music is my passion, and as such, it’s what I do for people all the time through spinning their favourite tunes at an event they throw! With a lifetime love affair with this great art form from childhood upwards, it was inevitable that one day in my life, I would be playing these sounds on the decks for other like-minded souls looking for some quality entertainment!

I don’t see myself as a regular DJ – in fact, it’s way more remarkable if you can say that I try to be out of the ordinary when working with music. My motto is “Connecting with people through their music” so long as they’re feeling what I’m playing, then I’m doing my job. If you’re looking for some fresh tunes or want to chill out, I’ll be your guy.

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