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Nutrition is a significant part of the health equation. It is not enough to eat healthy food if you want to be at your best and stay that way for life. It has to be done with keen attention to what kind of foods are consumed as well.

Both the type of food and how much needs to be eaten are critical. If you consume too many calories, even if they are healthy foods like vegetables or fruit, then your weight will not stay in balance. Likewise, suppose you eat too few calories but only produce minimal activity levels during day-to-day life (e.g. sitting at a desk all day). In that case, you may end up with too few calories to sustain your energy levels and feel well enough for the next day’s activities as well.

They say “a big breakfast is a key to a good day,” but what if you’re not hungry in the morning? What should we eat for lunch when it’s hard to find time or energy during busy days and weekdays? How can I balance my diet with different kinds of food with allergies, sensitivities and intolerances without feeling deprived? What should I eat before and after workout sessions? What should I eat when travelling to stay energized and healthy while away from home? These are just a few of the many areas where certified nutrition consulting is an essential factor in life. With careful attention, we can all focus on achieving our healthiest selves.

It’s essential to invest in a qualified health care professional, nutrition consultant or certified nutrition consulting who can help you design and maintain the most appropriate nutrition plan for your situation, goals, and desires.
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We’re all different and unique, with our own needs and wants. Sometimes we need a little help to get on the right track. That’s where I come in – as your nutrition consultant, certified nutrition consulting in Dubai, UAE and I’ll be there every step of the way to make sure you have everything you need to reach your goals. Best certified nutrition consulting here to help you figure out how many different foods should be eaten each day based on what is being consumed in terms of total caloric intake.

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