Ten ways to combat fear in your life

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Ten ways to combat fear in your life

Fear gets to the best of us, whether it is fear of failure, fear of success, or fear. All of us have experienced anxiety at some point in our lives, and it can be a fundamental stumbling block that holds us back from being truly successful.

Fear can’t hold you back forever if you don’t let it. There are several ways to overcome fear; here are my top 10:

    Write them down, get specific, and acknowledge that all fears have a root cause (even if it is simply “not wanting to fail” or “wanting to succeed”). Make sure to name the root cause(s) behind each fear because once you do this, the fear is much more manageable, and it becomes easier to combat. When you can identify what’s really behind your worries, it’s a lot easier for you to fight them because they tend to lose their power.
    Ask yourself what is going on, locate the facts and place them over your feelings. There is no such thing as permanent fear. It’s a perception you have about a situation and can be changed. So if I feel that there are snakes everywhere, I’m probably going to get bitten, but if I realize there aren’t any snakes here, then I won’t get bitten. Moreover, the limits of your fears are up to you, and it’s something you are in control of.
    Once you have named your fears, it’s time to find the root cause. Fear is not a feeling – it’s a reaction. The reason you feel fear when a specific situation arises has everything to do with how you perceive that situation. When Are You Not Afraid? The situations you’re not afraid of are those where your perception is different from the perception that triggers fear. What can you do to lower your perception that would make the situation no longer a trigger for fear? What could you do in this situation that would create a more perceivable reality? What specific actions or behaviours could you take to combat the triggers of your fears and boost your ability to battle your fears? Figure out what it is in a situation that triggers you. Learning to identify it will help you learn to combat it.

    Next, we need to know where the fear resides. Fear is a mental construct, and it exists in your mind (which you interact with through your sensory perception of sight, sound), but physical sensations tell us whether or not this mental construct has manifested as a real threat.

    Ask yourself: when do I feel afraid? Where in my body do I feel the fear?

    What’s a situation in which I don’t feel afraid? Where in my body do I feel comfortable and at ease (i.e. is not filled with tension) when this occurs? What can I learn from these situations to combat my fears? By doing so, you will be able to fight fear before it has the chance to manifest itself.


    Fear and gratitude are enemies because you can’t feel grateful when you’re feeling afraid. People filled with fear tend to be thankful for what they HAVE, but not what they ARE (i.e. being healthy). Gratitude is about appreciating that which is within you, the potential lying dormant until used through action and a warm, loving feeling for yourself. What am I truly grateful for? In combatting fear, we must first combat its underlying cause: lack of gratitude. If you can fight your scarcity mindset and combat your lack of being thankful for what you have (and combat any negative perceptions about yourself and your life), combat fear is a lot easier. Every day, list out 1-3 things you are thankful for. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, and gratitude helps shift the mind into a positive light, overcoming fear over time.


    Listening to your Inner Voice is the best way to combat fear. Your Inner Voice is the one that tells you when something feels wrong if something doesn’t feel right or your gut feeling reactions. Your Inner Voice also reminds you that things will be okay, and everything will work out in the end. If you have an active listening ear for your own Inner Voice, you can combat fear because it is through this inner voice, you can fight all of the fears and threats on the outside.


    The best way to combat fear is to create a new association with your anxiety. Often, when we are feeling afraid, subconsciously, we think that the circumstances in our life will never be any different or get better. To combat this negative association and combat our fears, we need to focus on how the circumstance will “get better.” By focusing on a new way to combat this fear, we battle our anxiety as well.

    After all, if something is supposed to get wrong and instead becomes suitable for us or the circumstances change in our favour, this creates an entirely different meaning of what that fear once meant to us.


    Perception is an exciting thing, and how you feel about your situation dictates how you respond. The next time fear strikes you, combat this by looking at the glass half full instead of half empty. When we look at our lives through a negative lens, our fears are stronger because we don’t see any positive outcomes. The first step is to combat this negativity by focusing on all of the things you CAN do and everything going right in your life. By doing this, our fears are fought because we see that it is good in the world and great things can happen to us.


    Whenever you feel fear, combat this fear by practising a breathing exercise. It only takes about 10 – 15 seconds to fight your worries simply by focusing on breathing. Breathing helps centre your body; when you stop breathing, your heart stops beating. You can do a grounding exercise or even just take five deep, long breaths at any point to calm and centre yourself. It is best to start your day with this, but feel free to practice all day long.


    Another way to combat fear is to create a safe space for you to fight your fears. When you feel safe and secure, there is no room for fear. Find somewhere safe you can retreat to when ill feelings begin- whether this is a real place such as your bedroom or an area in your mind such as the beach. This sense of comfort will soothe you and allow you to face your fear.

Please keep in mind; these are just a few strategies; not everything works for everyone. But this is a place to start. Start implementing these techniques into your life, and don’t let fear hold you back from reaching
your goals and your highest potential this year!

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