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Are you going through a stage in your life where you feel lost and disconnected from the world around you? Do you feel confused or lack enthusiasm? Do you desire a romantic partner or the perfect job? Or do you want to enhance your life to the next level? Whether it’s from stresses at work, an unhappy marriage, lack of exercise, or simply feeling unfulfilled, the reasons for this unhappiness may vary. Still, the results are always the same: dissatisfaction and regret. As a Transformation Wellness and Life coach, I have dealt with these factors in my own life. My mission is to help people break away from the monotonous pattern impacted by external forces and deep dive into re-discovering themselves. Focus internally through transition and into balanced, healthy, purposeful lives of their choosing. I am passionate about helping individuals create their authentic, happy lives. My Soul is the essence of who I am. I am a deep thinker, guided by my feelings, experiences and faith, rather than controlled by circumstances.

Jay Shetty Certified Coach

A common question from prospective life coach clients is, “Why should I hire you when my life is going fine?” My answer is, “Why not go to the doctor when you are healthy?”

The analogy has multiple points:
1. “Going fine” is relative. What is acceptable to you may not be great for your neighbour or the majority of other people.

2. What prevents you from going to a doctor when you are healthy is time. Yet, when we have time, we must go for a check-up so that issues can be addressed early. This means that the initial visit is more time and cost-efficient than having to treat a problem later.

3. Prevention is better than cure.

Most of us don’t have a medical check-up every few months because we see no need. If we don’t need one when things are fine, how much more so when we fall ill! Yet the risks are much more significant if we do nothing: heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other significant illnesses. For the same reasons, coaching is helpful at all times, not just when you feel “unhappy” or are “stuck”. As a life coach, I will help you focus on the issues in your life because when we face them, we can do something about them.

I Will
  • Work with you rather than for you.
  • Without conflict of interest, have your best interests at heart rather than a plan of my own.
  • Be objective, allowing you to discard opportunities that don’t serve your long-term interests, create order from chaos and get clarity.
  • Help you build a solid foundation to structure your life on and point out any cracks so that we can fix them.
  • Help you remove blocks, lift your level of performance and change habits.
  • Help you understand who you are now, what got you here, and where you want to be.
  • Help you clarify what is important to you and stay the course.
  • Hold yourself accountable, take action rather than waiting for things to happen, rather than blaming others or the world for your problems.
  • Looking at the big picture and then focusing on the specifics, seeing the solutions to problems, and managing your expectations.
  • Finding the answers within yourself to whatever is holding you back.
  • You have the tools and techniques to design your life from the inside out instead of leaving it to fate or chance.
  • Resolving the issues that would otherwise drag you down include a lack of direction, uncertainty about what to do, lack of motivation, and indecision.
  • Developing a plan that is right for you and set practical, achievable goals.

My expertise is in helping people to live better, happier and more successful lives. I am not only a certified Jay Shetty Coach with a rigorous set of standards for accreditation, but I have several clients who are already seeing improvement in their own lives and are excited to share their experiences with others. My 9-step ABC coaching framework not only restores a person’s sense of purpose but also helps them overcome many of life’s other emotional challenges in all aspects of their lives, including career, family, and health.

Reiki Therapist

I am also a Reiki Therapist in UAE who specialises in reiki healing. I have been practising for several years, and my experience has made me confident that I can help you alleviate stress, heal physical ailments or emotional pain. Reiki is a form of spiritual healing that uses the body’s energy to rebalance the entire system and restore health. It is profoundly relaxing and can be used on an individual or with others in a group setting to create harmony, clarity and peace within your life. I use a range of techniques, including reiki healing specialises, crystal therapy, mindfulness meditation benefits of reiki are vast. It is important to me that you feel comfortable when choosing the right type of treatment for yourself. Reiki Therapist in UAE help you improve your health and wellbeing.

I would be most happy to work with individuals who want to experience a transformational change in their lives. I am trained in helping people find themselves, find direction and true happiness in all aspects of their lives. You will find solutions, discover answers and create possibilities to move forward in the area you want consultation.

With my experience in Life Coaching and as a Reiki Therapist, I help clients by identifying where growth is desired, setting goals and objectives, and holding accountability. Clients will reach their highest purpose.

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